Exchange for Skills Transfer and Technology Know-how

About the project

The Extra-Tekno Code Cave focuses on the Exchange and Transfer of Technology Know-how. The Extra Tekno project strengthens the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Namibia through two key focus areas:

i) the establishment of the CodeCave – a technology space providing shared resources for teaching coding and software development and
ii) an international exchange program focused on effective skills transfer of the necessary skills and know-how to effectively use and apply technology for entrepreneurship.


The Bleachers


Tech ecosystem

On the 14th July we hosted a CodeCave kick-off event.

 Thirty-two techies representing various societies such as ISOC (Internet Society of Namibia), PyNam, Women in Computing etc, as well as individuals passionate about coding attended the session.

 We visualised a tech ecosystem based on everyone who attended. 

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Lessons learned from a Finnish - Namibian Collaboration on Education

Pedagogical Methods

Active Learning Environments


About the project

The Dololearn project pilots Future Education methods in Namibia and Southern Africa.

This approach makes use of some of the successes from the Finnish education system and adopts these to a Southern African context. The solutions aim to achieve an improved return on investment of our education sector by implementing progressive methods, but with a fraction of the resources available.

The pilot focused on three aspects of Future Education namely
i) progressive pedagogical methods
ii) new types of learning environments and
iii) e-learning.

The project objective is to pilot and validate the Future School concept and develop a model that can be scaled nationally and regionally. Progressive pedagogical methods for 21st century learning are introduced through teacher training and e-learning which are supported through creative learning environments at the pilot schools.

The general objective is to establish progressive teaching and learning methods in
creative environments and thereby lay a foundation for early stage entrepreneurial
development in Southern Africa.

Results and Impact

The images on the right show some of the key results of the project that were achieved during the 18 month period at the pilot schools. The data was gathered from a series of interviews with teachers from both schools.

All project details, activities, and results are also available in this publication. Feel free to download and share widely. 

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About the project

RAW. is platform for entrepreneurs to share their day-to-day experiences and entrepreneurial journey. Raw. encourages entrepreneurs to share what they have learned in a series of topics and fosters a safe space to exchange meaningful connections among themselves.


i. To establish a safe space for entrepreneurs to share their experiences in and on their entrepreneurial journey.

ii. To build a community of like-minded individuals in entrepreneurship and connecting with one another on a more personal level.

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